Stock advisor bot, based on AI

We help you focus on the most important moments of your life!

100% automated system of increasing capital on the market of cryptocurrencies without transfering funds to 3rd parties.

Bot profitability on closed trades (be sure to click on the star): '20: +88.5% / '21: +80% / '22: +5.2% / '23: +0.1%*

A powerful combination: a team with more than 20 years of experience in working on financial markets + an AI bot.

What is a stock advisor RichLand bot?

RichLand bot is your irreplaceable assistant in the area of growing a capital on the market of cryptocurrencies.

You may not even have any experience in this field! By connecting RichLand bot with your stock account you are simply watching how trade signals to purchase/sell are received and how they are instantly transferred to your exchange platform account! Your participation is not required! It is as simple as counting to three!

What to purchase and when?
What is the volume of a trade?
How to limit risks?
How to sell?
Under the guidance of professionals

The bot's team of founders - professional entrepreneurs, traders and technical specialists with extensive knowledge and practical experience.

That is exactly why we were able to create a convenient and functional service with the help of which one is able to establish an effective capital increase.

Working on the market of encrypted currencies is profitable; moreover, we are offering the advantages of attractive plans.

What is the value of Richland?
Receiving a steady financial profit regardless of experience.
All purchase/sale of assets processes are fully automated and do not require your involvement.
Connecting the bot with user accounts of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform through API.
Telegram bot in 2 languages: English, Russian.
A team with more than 20 years of experience in working on financial markets + an AI bot.
The bot operates 24/7/365 with no weekends.
Why will Richland bot allow you to generate income?*
Continuous monitoring of the crypto market by an AI bot. Our analytics chose the best crypto assets.
Limitation of potential risks (stop limits)
Short/Mid term investment strategy.
Each trade automatically receives a portion of available capital on an exchange account, the amount of which is decided by the bot based on market conditions.