Our bot automates the process of growing capital. You don’t need professional knowledge and no need to waste your precious time. You simply open an account with Binance or Finandy, purchase a RichLand pack, connect our bot and the exchange platform account with the help of API.

From there on our bot will do everything!

Even if you are a professional, it is very hard to monitor 100 crypto currencies at once and you might miss an interesting option. We monitor more than 100 positions and choose the most profitable.

Moreover, we offer to use our instrument as an additional indicator for oneself.

Our analysts have been working on financial markets since 2001, graduated from “Higher School of Economics” (Saint Petersburg, Russia). They have been trading on the Moscow exchange platform, NYSE, FOREX. They have been working on the market of cryptocurrencies since 2015.

Both our bot and the team of analysts are monitoring the markets each day, including on Saturdays and Sundays. Market situation is evaluated three times per day based on the results of which the decision to issue a signal is made.

Depending on the market situation, 4-5 signals per week. Up to 1-2 signals per day in an ideal case.

Pumping, or artificial price inflation is a risky way to earn, as if other participants of the market don’t pick it up, you are risking to stay with an investment into an unpopular currency which won't sell. Therefore, we do not engage in pumping, as we see it as deception of other participants.

Free signals are issued to attract new participants, mist of the time, although truly profitable recommendations are expensive, which is why it is a serious endeavor that requires the best specialists and algorithms.

We do not sell information through signals. We offer an automated system of growing a capital for you!

We conduct a trade from the moment it opens until it is closed without your participation. You simply watch how it is done. Don’t you want to earn?

Yes! A multi-stage affilate program that allows you to earn along with us! We give you more than 50% of our profits! By inviting your friends to our bot you will continuously receive rewards for the work conducted by your partners.

Currently, our bot operates on the Telegram platform. We plan to introduce new platforms in the future (a web version, other messengers and mobile applications).

It is important to understand that there is no guaranteed profitability and cannot be. Any investment is a risk. We believe that the minimum distance for an investor in RichLand is 6 months with an understanding of risk! The result of the bot's work is not investment research, should not be considered as investment advice and is the subjective point of view of the RichLand project. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future price movements.