Partner's program

We developed a system of rewards for recommendations (partner's program) for active users. The system is multi-staged, which makes it transparent and simple. Deductions are made online without delays!

ATTENTION! We do not pay reward from attracted investments! This is the destiny of financial pyramids (HYIPs). Moreover, customer funds do not leave exchange wallets!

RichLand pays rewards in two ways.

  1. There is a product itself - a bot, access to which costs money (buying a pack). We are ready to share our revenue from the sale of packs with those who promote this bot in the distribution network.
  2. We also share with RichLand partners a part of the commission from the income that is created as a result of the bot's work on the financial markets.

Receive a referral link and familiarize yourself with the marketing plan in further details in your personal account.